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About Steve Nawoor

I took a relatively unorthodox route into Physiotherapy, from mines and demolitions in the Army, to a Physical Training Instructor in the Prison Service..!

I am currently working as an ESP in the NHS within a Musculoskeletal Interface Service, which has been highlighted by the Department of Heath as an exemplar of Best Practice (DoH, 2006). Previously I was appointed as Professional Head of Physiotherapy at Nuffield Health, have owned a number of private practices and travelled extensively with Elite Sport to various World and European Championships. My real passion lies with complex pathology, pain, masqueraders and rehabilitation and you will generally find me contributing to clinical debate on Twitter @stevenawoor, blogging, running an Obstacle Course Race and drinking Coffee..!

I also have a fantastic wife and two amazing children..!

Hopefully you will find most of my posts are an interesting mix that will hopefully stimulate the mind…!

‘Keep it simple, empower movement, engage the mind and the rest should come…..’