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#IFOMPT2016 has got me thinking..!


Whilst at IFOMPT, I will also be writing a daily blog, which looks to give you an overview of some of the speaker’s content, opinions and how this could relate to clinical practice. I will also be trigger happy on the hashtag #IFOMPT2016 from Twitter on @stevenawoor

All of this in-between a very busy social program aims to be a demanding week. More details on the social program can be found here IFOMPT Social, however the mid-week highlight might be @rogerkerry and his band playing in Glasgow….. check out below and am sure this will be a good night..!

IFOMPT hasn’t been hosted in the UK since 1988 so it could be the last time I will see it in the UK, so this is a real opportunity for UK Physiotherapists to mix some great clinicians, international colleagues and share clinical experience from around the globe.

Looking ahead to #IFOMPT2016 I have planned my sessions around keynote speakers that I hope will live up to expectations and some topics that I expect to be at a level that challenges my knowledge, thought process and allows me to integrate and change practice where applicable and appropriate.

The mix of speakers is good and my starter for 10 is below:

  • Lorimer Moseley – ‘Expanding Our Understanding of Pain Physiology into Patient Care…’
  • Sue Greenhalgh & Emma Willis – ‘Expanding Our Knowledge and Skills in Cauda Equina Syndrome…’
  • Roger Kerry – ‘Expanding Our Assessment in Manual Therapy to Include the Vascular System..’
  • Pip White, Nicola Carey and Judith Edwards – ‘Independent Prescribing for physiotherapists – A UK perspective…’

I will be getting round a lot more sessions over the week but the rest of the #SoMe team will be picking some of those ones up and they will be updating you in various blogs too, so keep an eye out for those..!

You can view full #IFOMPT2016 program here  and see what would float your clinical boat and challenge your thinking.


I work as an MSK Extended Scope Physiotherapist (ESP) and Injection Therapist in the NHS and am looking to start my Non Medical Prescribing in the coming years, so for me the mix of speakers I have chosen to blog on will hit the spot on a number of areas of interest.  #IFOMPT2016 should address some key areas within advanced practice roles, which is an ever changing landscape. The governance and accountability that comes with some of our roles should not be taking lightly and I am hoping that this is also discussed within some of the sessions, in particular, Independent Prescribing in relation to a ‘Single Competency Framework’ and the impact on the profession, the challenges with Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) and as clincians the difficult decisions we sometimes need to make and finally, unraveling the vascular system and our approach to  what I would call ‘Systems Thinking’ with Roger Kerry and our differential diagnosis within the complex presentaiton.

Clinical Reasoning, sinister pathology, first contact decisions, injection therapy and Non-Medical Prescribing within the MSK arena have made a significant impact on our roles and in the future where we sit in the pathway of patient care may shape the future of the profession. #IFOMPT2016 looks to address some of these topics so I am looking forward to coming away with upto date view points that can help shape future strategy, governace and practice.

#IFOMPT2016 seems to have something for all levels of clinician and has a good mix of topics that look to stimulate learning and development for MSK Healthcare. IFOMPT has all the makings of a great international conference and I hope to catch up with colleagues new and old and walk away with some clinical gems..!

See you in Glasgow..!

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