Over the last 25 years I have been lucky enough to experience some very challenging environments that have tested and stretched me mentally, physically and emotionally and have made me look deep into myself to ponder what is good leadership, what is bad and what behaviors and cultures drive teams forward or hold them back.

Being exposed to the Army, Prison Service, NHS, Corporate, Elite Sports and Private Practice I have seen a number of leadership and team values that have worked and those that haven’t. I also wonder whether leaders can be developed and shaped to a role or is there something that genetically predisposes them to being a great leader that can truly engage a team, or is it a mixture of the two. Then comes the team members and how you mentor and empower their strengths to help them develop their own qualities, whether that is as a leader of the future or as a key cog in the team, helping them achieve their career aspirations both of which are just as important as each other.

Through a series of blogs I will look to delve into some of my experiences and thoughts about Leadership, Teams and Performance.

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Blisters, map reading, blindfolds & tears..!